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How are temporary crowns made?

How are your temporary crowns made? (for patients undergoing restoration using fixed bridge)

Read on and find out!

Step 1 - Take patient's impression, pour model cast. Also note patient's original tooth color/shade.

fixed bridge patient before procedure

Step 2 - Articulate cast, make waxup and set pontics as needed (pontics = false tooth) on toothless areas.

dental model of patient

dental model of patient with set pontics and waxup

Step 3 - Take impression of model cast with built up dentition.

rubber impression of dental model with set pontics

Step 4 - Apply temporary crown material on impression made on step 3. Then with the material flowed onto the impression, apply directly to patient's dentition. Put separating medium (cocoa butter) on patient's teeth beforehand.

Hantemp temporary crown material

Step 5 - Trim and polish temporary crown on patient using carbide burs and rubber polishers. Dab with cotton with alcohol to remove uncured acrylic resin.

Step 6 - Wait for the final restoration, and hope that the temporaries will hold during this waiting period.

temporary crown attached on patient

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