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from zero to something else

y.o. upper and lower dental model

A guy with bad overall dental health came to my clinic last May.

He hasn't seen a dentist for quite some time and his dental health generally neglected. He is generally fearful of dentists he said.

So i had him get an x-ray, and was surprised to see a lot of his seemingly broken teeth have been endodontically / root canal treated in the past!

From initially recommending some tooth extraction, we proceeded to save what seemed like 'junk' from first look and utilized those teeth to have a post installed and eventually a porcelain jacket crown over it.

y.o. panoramic x-ray

y.o. fiber post installed with composite build up

After all these procedures, i'm happy to say that the 'generally fearful' perception of the patient towards dental procedures have been allayed! He still needs a lot of work! Hopefully we will be seeing each other a few months from now to resume his full mouth rehabilitation.

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