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Ho Dental Office



not enough space for your teeth? no problem! we'll help bring out your natural smile!

got a teeth or something else where it's not supposed to be? no problem! we'll get it out of your mouth pronto!

got a cracked tooth? teeth darker than usual? we'll get your teeth to tip-top shape!

missing a teeth or two? no problem! thru traditional dentures or porcelain fixed bridges, we will find ways to cover that gap!

feeling too sensitive or hopeless? worry no more! thru root canal treatment we will give your tooth a new lease on life!

need a tooth filled, removed, or 'tuned up'? easy! we can fill up your cavity just fine, extract bad tooth with ease, or toughen up all of your teeth with topical fluoride!




Unit 703B, Pacific Centre, 7th Floor, 460 Quintin Paredes Road, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines

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